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Helpful Tips for Choosing an Excellent Domain Name

Keep your domain name short. Longer domain names are difficult for customers to remember.

Keep it local. Use your city name in your domain name if your business specifically serves that area.

Relate it to your industry. You will rank better in search engines if your domain name pertains to what you actually do as a business. In addition, this makes your domain name more memorable to customers.

Say your domain name out loud before purchasing it. If your domain name is difficult to pronounce, it’s probably not the best idea for a web address.

Purchase alternative spellings. You don’t want your traffic to be hijacked by others using domain names similar to your own.

Purchase alternative extensions. Just like purchasing alternative spellings, this helps to protect your brand if you register .com, .net, and .org extensions for your domain name.

Attempt to purchase the domain you want from the current owner. If you find your domain that you absolutely must have is taken, do a WHOIS Lookup search to determine the current owner and offer to purchase the domain from them.


Deciding on the Perfect Domain Name

The Internet is the first place people look when they want to find a business no matter if it’s a global retailer or a local restaurant. Your domain name not only ensures that customers will easily find your business online, it also gives you the ability to create a unique online presence. This presence could range from a simple online business card to a complete Web store.

Where you are currently with your business will determine how you choose your domain name. If you currently have a brick & mortar location up and running, you will probably wish to choose a domain name that is either exactly the same as your business name or very close to it. You’ve already worked hard in establishing your name and brand that your customers love and are familiar with so having a matching domain will enable your customers to find you easily online.

If you have a popular business name, it may not be available as a domain name. Not to fear, there are tons of domain variations available. You could try a different domain extension like .biz, .net, or .co instead of .com. Alternatively, you could add the city name you are in after your business name and then you can probably get a .com domain name. Additionally, this method of adding a local element can improve your search engine results for your local patrons.

If you are a new business, or in the process of launching a business that will exist solely online, picking your domain name is basically choosing your company name. You should choose a name that represents your business as far as attitude and personality and is a memorable name. Every business can benefit from a couple of key tips when choosing a domain name like keeping it short and making it easy to spell.